Oh mang. It's friggen December already. That's CRAZY shit. Christmas is coming up too soon...I hope my friends don't expect gifts on time. I'm gonna pull a Jody and wait until 2 months later to buy shit. Anyway, I guess I should pay more attention to what happens to this blog. Why? I just took at look at this and saw that it was a whole new layout and I never changed it. The first thing that went through my mind was "FAWK! Someone hacked the blog! I'm kicking some hacker ass!" but then I talked to Computer Guru Michelle and she reassured me that it wasn't a hacker. Now I have to feck around with the template (which I always screw up some how) and change the strange ass links that are on the blogspot! You know what's great? I've managed to be in just about every friggen rumor in 8th grade and now in 9th. It sucks. I'M A GOOD KID! NOW FUCK OFF! GEEZ!