Oh mang. It's friggen December already. That's CRAZY shit. Christmas is coming up too soon...I hope my friends don't expect gifts on time. I'm gonna pull a Jody and wait until 2 months later to buy shit. Anyway, I guess I should pay more attention to what happens to this blog. Why? I just took at look at this and saw that it was a whole new layout and I never changed it. The first thing that went through my mind was "FAWK! Someone hacked the blog! I'm kicking some hacker ass!" but then I talked to Computer Guru Michelle and she reassured me that it wasn't a hacker. Now I have to feck around with the template (which I always screw up some how) and change the strange ass links that are on the blogspot! You know what's great? I've managed to be in just about every friggen rumor in 8th grade and now in 9th. It sucks. I'M A GOOD KID! NOW FUCK OFF! GEEZ!


First thing is first- I have a burning question for El and Erin...why feck don't you kids post?! GRR. Anyway, today was half-retarded. I was having a spaz b/c Erin wasn't in school. C'mon...she's one of my best friends, like...my other half, I get like that when I haven't seen her for three days. Okay, maybe it's only been two...I wasn't in school yesterday due to a MAD friggen migrane. *Thanks mom for passing those on to her* I did absolutely nothing today. I had to sit in the tank ( the support rooms between classrooms) for all of first mod while Harbaugh went over the ch. 3 review paper. The man is so damn slow, he takes an hour to go over a paper with only about twenty questions on them. They were supposed to have a test today...do you think that happened? Nope. I got out of a math test (thanks, Erin's dad!) but I have to take it on monday... I flipped out in flex/chorus b/c Erin wasn't there so I was whining to Nikki *LMAO- THAT'S WHAT OPIUM IS FOR!* -- "Where's my Ernie? I want my Ernie!" Health was stupid, we had MORE speakers come in, basically telling us that sex is bad and you shouldn't even think about it until marriage. LOL During a role play, I had the wonderful part of playing this chick that Tyler slept with (NOT his "girlfriend") then the woman asked me how many other partners I had and I just shrugged and said three, so she asked for three volunteers and a bunch of guys jumped up..I felt whorish and special all at the same time.World History...gawd...Swogger is a crazy, crazy guy. At least he likes the Golden Girls.
Me- Blanche/Sophia
Erin- Rose
Jody- Dorothy
ahhhhhh I love it.


Dang. It's only Wednesday and I'm already worn out. We do absolutely nothing in school and my classes are boring as and when I get home, I'm exhausted. I felt like poo this morning, then I have to go deal with my earth science teacher, Mr. Harbaugh. Ha, we had a speaker come into our health class to talk about birth control and all the good stuff. She showed us a video, which wasn't made in 1975 with ganky ass kids with bad teeth...so that was all good. In Ancient Civ. one of my group members, Zach, wasn't at school today and he had to make the pyramids for our 3-D egyptian community thingie, so after I was done bitching about it (he's getting his ass kicked tomorrow), we made the pyramids. Of course, I was the only one who brought what we needed! *sighs* One of my good friends came out today....everyone was making a big deal about it except Erin and me...we've known for like...ever. He said people are being nicer to him now that they know he's gay...I dunno what the deal with that is. I already had to yell at one person for making fun of him today. I guess it was a good thing that Zach wasn't there, b/c he would've been making SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun of him, then I'd have to kick him with my big ass shoes. HA. Anyway, I just have two more days to get through...with a math test on Friday. How funny is that...Erin's dad is my math teacher!


Rachel. You scare me...uh...a lot. Stop, okay? Anyway...anyone who loves me will go here http://antisocial-obsession.dot.nu cuz well, I said so. I've been workin' damn hard on it and it still has a long way to go! MUAH! LOL
Erin, hun, calm the fock down. Anyway, it's 3:00 and I'm bored out of my mind. Geoshitties isn't working, so screw them. The template for my other blog is slightly fucked up, but do you really think I care? Nope. Let's see...I have an essay on daily life in Egypt due on tuesday and the back of a math worksheet to do for tuesday also, but I don't want to do them. I need to get out of the house. Tomorrow, I have a doctors appt. @ 8 am for my knees and tomorrow is the last day of our little vacation to sleep in. Then I have an orthodontist appt @ 3:15 and ballet @ 7:00. Actually, we only have about 7 days of school until Thanksgiving vacation, but then I get to go to my aunts house in VA. Fun. I'm surrounded by cousins who I don't get along with and a 1 year old baby. Hey Erin, can I have Thanksgiving at your house?!
You know what's funny? At WCS (Whitesboro Central in NY...where I wouldve gone if I still lived there) there are sororities. One of my friends, is in one...the snobbiest one- KE. Kappa Es-somethin' or other. The best thing about it is that they all have to go through hell week...do I sound evil? Cuz I'd have fun watching them lick stuff off the cafeteria floor.
Wutdefock?! Wutdefockizdees?! *Shakes Pooch* BITCH! You hate me?! BITCH! GIRL! Don't be hatin'! You don't KNOOOOOW ME! *Wipes brow* Woo. No more Pepsi for Erin at 1:17 am...


Hey El... you're a bit loser-ish, but I still <3 you. By the way-- you may want to take off your last name...there are weirdos lurking around here! DUDE. It's 9:44pm (my time!) WHERE THE FECK are you? You just LEFT! I NEED MY EL!!!! I might die! Do you want me to DIE? I mean, I need SOMEONE to talk to, Erin seems to think that it's cool to ignore me. Fine. I hate you kids too.
Everything is finally working. I <3 it.